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An invention is a unique creation that can get termed as a device, process, method and composition. An invention happens after a detailed research on a topic or subject with reference to the solution created for a problem.

The invention has an absolute unique function and its approach is different, such works must get protected against the misuse or possible theft. To avoid the same Patent is a proven countermeasure that ensures the inventor has all the right secured.

The patent is a robust and effective means to protect the intellectual proprietorship of an invention that is either a concept of fully matured technology or product.

Patent ensures the inventor has complete access to the invention and its technology for unlimited use. This avoids the possibility of facing any conflict of interest shown by interested parties that might attempt to acquire the invention and its technology by force or using dubious means.

Obtaining a Patent for invention in India can be a daunting task for a creator who wants to protect the intellectual proprietorship.

People who are business owners, research scientist, medical examiners, PhD holders, students and professionals working as employees look for professional and reliable services in filing the patent for intellectual proprietorship security.

There are two elements of cost involved in filing the patent / getting the patent.

  • The government fee applied for the forms, requests and renewals.
  • Professional charges for consulting the patent professionals, patent attorney or agent.

The government fees are different for an individual inventor and business and the fees for the patent application. Therefore, there are multiple factors that are under consideration about the cost involved in the patent application. is a professional organization that offers comprehensive services to its clients in filing the patents for security and safety of the inventions. In addition, the company has experienced specialist that offers guidance to the inventors of keeping their invention protected from the encroacher’s and criminals.

LegalRaasta has helped multiple clients to get the Patent Registration in India on time making sure their inventions are safe and secure.

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