It is significant enough to notice that often the productivity induced by employee drips down. There are numerous reasons attached however monotony is one of them. Our minds especially those with creativity seek for motivation every now and then. The place or the idea becomes mundane if done frequently. The prosperity of the organisation is directly proportional to the level of motivation employees’ possess. In order to make the work look more like fun and relaxing, you can always opt to jazz up the office for a change.

Hence, here are a few tips that can help you jazz your office without worrying much about the budget.

Add humour

Whether you are putting up a poster or deciding to retouch the wall, you can always make it a point to add humour. Your employees are stressed and pressurized already and thus making their day a shade lighter by such humorous inputs won’t do any harm. You can always be humorous and inspirational at the same time.

Light up the lights

There must be several unused corners at your office which can be well lit up. Lights do effect the stimulation of the brains and hence you can definitely consider decorating that tiny unused space with the lights that can instantly jazz up your office arena. Even the basic bulb kept in glass bottle would look mesmerising.

Mirrors on the wall  

Mirrors give us the illusion of spacious place. You can put up mirrors at certain places which wouldn’t really distract the employees rather it will add aesthetic beauty to your office. You can perhaps buy shapeless mirrors to make it look more vintage and creative. If incorporating bigger mirrors becomes a problem, you can bring tiny pieces as well.

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One of the most inexpensive way or making your dull and drab office cheerful and lively is to add greenery. You can buy inexpensive or budgeted plants which are mostly meant as show plants. Decide upon the corners you wish to place these plants at. Allowing greenery in the surrounding lightens up the mood giving a feel of freshness and energy.

Colour colour which colour?

Colours are vital. Each colour reflects a mood like yellow denotes cheerfulness, red signifies passion and black stands for zeal and perfection. Similarly, in order to bring in one particular vibe or mood to the offices consider colouring the walls. If colouring entire office seems expensive you can replace black or grey office chairs with red ones or perhaps you can paint significant spots like the entrance of the office.

Jazzing up the workplace shows significant impact on the employees’ mind. It generates positive attitude breaking the monotony. These were some of the catchy and budgeted ideas that you can always consider when it comes to jazzing up your work place. If there is any other idea that is prevailing in your mind or an idea that you have seen and liked it, do let us know about it below. We would love to listen from our readers.

Bhavik Sarkhedi

Author of The Weak Point Dealer & Will You Walk A Mile?

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