Based in Hyderabad, GrabOn is a premier player in the online coupons and discount zone. It specializes in technology innovation, reducing customer acquisition costs for merchants and provides an extensive range of exclusive, genuine and validated coupons to buyers online. GrabOn offers coupons/deals on a wide arena of products and services including lifestyle, travel, food, electronics, etc.

GrabOn is one of the very few companies in India that encourages entrepreneurship within the company itself. They came up with the idea of inspire labs, where employees are allowed to send their ideas. If the idea is a convincing one, their parent company, Landmark IT Solutions funds the idea with INR 20 lakh.

Ashok Reddy, founder of GrabOn observed that coupons and deals industry has immense potential. With the Indian e-commerce industry booming and the basic nature of Indians loving discounts, Ashok saw the idea that could grow into a big brand. Discounts and good deals are a pain point for Indians. GrabOn targets this particular instinct of Indian customers.

“Earlier if you looked at coupon industry space, you must have seen that except for one player there were no other serious players to bring innovation in this industry. This urged me to incept GrabOn, which was created under its parent company Landmark IT Solutions”, says Ashok Reddy.

What gives GrabOn an edge over other startups in this domain?

Several startups in the coupon domain existed when Ashok started with GrabOn in 2013. However, there were no major break-through innovations. GrabOn underwent a technology overhaul and started transforming the usability of coupon websites with their innovations in technology and design front. Soon, they came up with ‘Buzz Me’ which sends out real-time notifications to GrabOn’s users on their desktop/mobile screens as soon as GrabOn adds a new coupon on their website. This new feature gave GrabOn the competitive edge over its competitors. Their zeal and passion to provide their users with something that no other coupon website was giving them pushed GrabOn ahead on the competitive curve.

“GrabOn sources inspiration from its surroundings. It could be from colleagues, competitors, fellow graduates or mentors. When we see people around giving in so much for their work and giving in everything to shatter the ecosystems in which they operate, the motivation levels rise up exponentially. And this, flows down to my team. And as they say, the team builds the business”, says Ashok.

Customer base

GrabOn was started by five freshers who were working with their parent company in September 2013. Today, GrabOn has an excellent, jaw dropping Alexa Rank: 252 in India. They have 5 million unique visits, 15 million unique page visits, 15 lakh subscribers and 22,473,977 coupons redeemed so far. They continue to serve the growing online shoppers in India with their genuine and exclusive coupons/deals. Their customer base used to be 8 million in 2013, which grew to 35 million in 2014 and they are expecting it to grow to 100 million shoppers by the end of 2016! They have also raised $250,000 from internal HNI group.

GrabOn has exclusive tie-ups and partnerships with several companies including Uber, Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Paytm, Freecharge, Swiggy, etc. Hence, it covers all the major e-commerce, food delivering, cashless payment websites in India.

Challenges faced

There are several freelance websites that come in and go, and GrabOn has to deal with the impact caused by these websites. However, says Ashok, “We have made our base so strong that I can say confidently that we are here for the long run.” Their technology innovation and addition of several new features is giving them loyal customer base.

Future Plans

GrabOn is planning to raise Series A funding. This funding will give them a big opportunity to penetrate into offline market as well. They will continue to grow significantly in the online market and expand their reach to overseas users if possible. In the near future, they want to hit the mark of 50 million unique users. They also want be one of the top 50 most visited websites in India.

On December 1, 2016, GrabOn took a step further and launched a mobile app for itself. Although not first of its kind, GrabOn app still is unique in terms of its features. With mobile traffic increasing to 70% and smart phones penetration increasing by 6%, having an app will benefit the company to acquire unique users from different geographies. Although it will not particularly affect the industry, they believe the mobile app will widen the reach of buyers. The key features of their mobile app are immersive Homescreen, In-Category Offer Suggestion, powerful Global Search, robust Global Navigation, your own Personal Profile Page and an innovative Shopping Assist. The Shopping Assist has been giving them maximum downloads and positive reviews.

If you are a lover of coupons too, have a look on their website and for any queries you can send them an e-mail at You can download their app here.

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