PASSION is the driving force that takes you to the top of the mountain to be able to ground your own flag there. PASSION takes you forward when money leaves you midway. PASSION makes you surreally energetic at 5 in the morning when the world in asleep. PASSION is the harmony that makes your idea pleasing. Lastly, PASSION is the salt of your entrepreneur self.

Passion is the necessary ingredient in the startup dish that keeps you motivated when the evil force known as stress tries to bring you down. If you lack true passion for your business, everybody will be able sense it: your team, advisors, customers and investors.

Answer to the prime question

Entrepreneurship should come to you naturally and not by force. The effortlessness on your part will come only when you are passionate about what you are doing. In a startup, you have to devote a lot of your time into shaping your idea into a business model. The required time is of course to be taken out of the 24 hours you have, but mind you it should not be somebody else’s share of the day.

Talking about time management, you do not have to kill yourself to successfully get your startup running. Manage your time in a manner where you eat, work, give your family and friends the time you ought to, and simultaneously everything will fall in place.

Sometimes, time management becomes more of a stress than a stress-buster. That will happen when your routine will revolve around things like your startup, your startup and your startup. Yes, you read it right. Your startup is a part of your life, not your life. Being passionate about something and being obsessed about a particular thing are two different things separated by a hair line boundary. In the former, it paves the way on which you tread to move ahead while in the latter, it slowly starts occupying your head for the wrong reasons. It makes you connect everything happening in your life to itself.

Being passionate about your work will pave a path for you to tread on. It may be a road not taken and have some unused stuff on it’s way but the journey will be beautiful enough to make you forget about the destination.

When you are passionate about your startup, it will make you do intensive research about the same. It will bar you from jumping in the startup market just for the sake of it. When you are thorough with the minutest of details, it will make you confident to present your business idea as well as yourself.

Passion drives out your shortcomings out of you to utilise them in a calculated manner that will have a positive outcome. For a passionate entrepreneur, it is easier to survive in a working environment as it converts every uncomfortable zone into a congenial one.

Passion turns the deficit in confidence into a surplus of hard work. Mere hard work takes you to the threshold but it is passion that is the little extra push you require to get past the threshold.

It is passion that will make the entrepreneur break ice in different fields that are not pioneered. It may also make him think of doing things that are already done before but in a different way.

Every entrepreneur has his passion, the only reason he is an entrepreneur. If it was not for his passion, he would simply be doing any other established business and maintaining the balance sheets of companies he did not aspire for.

Thus, Passion is the key word here and you can open the lock of entrepreneurship only when you have the key – PASSION.

This article has been shared by Himanshu Jain, CEO of LegalRaasta, an online portal for GST Registration and GST Return Filing in India.

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