After having portals for ordering food online, buying clothes and electronics online, this startup has essentially something new to offer you. Based in Cambridge MA and Rajkot, Gujarat, it has effective and efficient solutions to daily-life problems. Medicare, maid services, ambulance facilities, plumbing services, PC/Laptop repair services and a lot more is being offered by ServiceJinni to make our lives more hassle-free and simple.

Team of ServiceJinni

The founder of ServiceJinni, Ketan Benegal is driving UX, market analysis and feature development in the company. Co-founder Dipali Trivedi is the technical owner of the product. Laxmi Shivaraman and Samir Bhatt are leading the off-shore development effort. Randhir Sonara is the operations head based out of India. Ketan and Dipali are technology entrepreneurs and this is not their first startup together. Being the founders of consulting firm CloudFuntain Inc., they have 15 years of experience in the respective domain. They had a zeal to launch products that would simplify consumer’s life in some or the other way.

About the Startup – Role and Progress

The team was doing a market research on the need for E-commerce in some niche area. They heard a lot of complaints about the shortage of service providers. Also, there was problem in availing services in a prompt manner. These pain points were consistent across a number of users spanning the demography and hence ServiceJinni was born.

Dipali also shared, “The problems were close to home and experienced first-hand. The market was well understood on a personal experience. The drive to solve a real problem borne out of complaints was huge and it was satisfying.” Additionally, this brilliant startup received a funding of 70k initially from angel investors.

It launched the Beta Product this October. The startup already has 10k+ unique visitors so far. It is evolving and developing every day.

Clearly, UrbanClap and House of Joy are two strong competitors in the market for ServiceJinni. Nevertheless, the founder of the company has clearly differentiated it from the two. Dipali says, “We differentiate ourselves through our process, which closely depicts how these problems are addressed in the real world i.e. we do not provide fixed prices, but rather give chance to the consumer to explain her problem and the service provider to give an initial quote. However, the final charges are settled between the consumer and the service provider before the assignment begins, hence providing satisfaction to both parties on agreeing to a fair deal. Additionally, we are stringent on security and background check for service providers which will give a sense of safety and security to the consumers.”


Launching a startup isn’t very difficult, however popularizing it among people is not a piece of cake. Letting people know about the perks of the service and convincing them to use it is challenging. Here is Dipali’s response on the difficulties faced by the company after launching, “India is a very dynamic market and with the large user base and opportunities, it has its fair share of challenges which cannot be discounted for. The space which we are targeting through ServiceJinni is a highly fragmented market and a lot of deals work through references. Additionally we understand that there will be some amount of challenges when the service providers are contacted by consumers directly for future assignment, however we would be addressing these problems in a multi-pronged approach:

  1. Preventing our IP through non-competency clauses
  2. Educating the service providers on the value of ServiceJinni.

ServiceJinni is not just a platform for providing consumers to create a service request, but additionally it generates continuous leads for service providers to increase their revenue and reach out to new customer base.”

Future Plans

Dipali also shares a few plans of the startup in the upcoming months. The startup is still in its initial stage with a lot of development work happening right now. They plan to expand it to other cities and states in India. Currently, the team is working on extracting the analytical information from data. The analytics will provide information to the service providers on the upcoming trends. Understanding the scarcity of resources and the necessity of using it optimally, this is applicable to the service providers as well, who mainly fall into SMBs. The reports will enable SMBs to arm themselves for future needs and manage resources more optimally. They are also planning to roll out mobile native applications in the market.

You can visit their official website for more information. You can also drop a mail at for further queries!

Rashika Daga

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