“India is known for jugaad innovation, it shows ingenuity, and that’s what sets them apart,” says Lord Bilimoria, founder of Cobra Beer. Indeed, the diversity and innovation in Indian startup culture is remarkable. And, sometimes it occupies a different genre. Here is one such startup among the list. SochGenie. From the name, it is clear that it has some kind of relation with thinking, intellect and memory. But, it is much more than what the name reflects!

SochGenie is an initiative that works on the cognitive skills of children above 4 years, during the formative stage of brain in a child. It aims at enhancing key skill sets like Memory, Concentration, Attention Span, Decision Making and Logical Reasoning through games and activities. The platform ensures progress of children in diverse domains while they are having fun playing games. This is the platform where children and parents can not only have fun playing games but also monitor their progress across various skill sets. It also allows the child to play with different members of the family and have fun together.

Cognitive Development

A new born can recognize human faces. Along with this, they are able to differentiate between happy and sad faces. In the first few months, he/she can distinguish a foreign language from her mother tongue. The cells in the brain have started processing and transmitting information already! Cognitive development is all about learning which starts at a very early age. It’s a psychological process of acquiring, processing and using information.

Cognitive skills are necessary to perform any task, simple or complex. How does a brain respond to a phone call? Perception – listening to the ring tone; Decision Making – to answer or not; Motor Skill – answering it by physical acting on it; Language skills – Speaking and understanding the language; Social Skills – responding appropriately to the tone/pitch of the voice.

SochGenie: The Team

Subrat Patra is the founder of the startup with over 15 years of experience across Financial and IT services. Dr. Sujendra Prakash, Chief Consultant- Psychology with over 30 years of experience in the field of Psychology. He brings in the core content for SochGenie. Tanuj Arora, with his passion for game development, is the Technical Consultant to SochGenie.

Subrat shares his views on why cognitive development is an utmost necessity. He says, “Lack of cognitive development affects the ability to interpret what they see and hear or to link information from different parts of brain. These limitations can show up in many ways, such as specific difficulties with spoken and written language, coordination, self-control, or attention. Such difficulties extend to schoolwork and can impede learning to read, write or perform any other task which require multiple areas of brain to function simultaneously.”

How SochGenie helps in developing Cognitive Development?

Children learn the best when they start exploring things around them. People, objects and everything happening out there has a great impact on the learning and thinking process of children. SochGenie has kept fun as the key ingredient for cognitive development. And for children, they love playing more than anything. The games have been specifically designed by leading Psychologist to enhance the specific skill sets while the child enjoys playing. Memory, reasoning, problem solving, creativity, reading are among the few parameters which are considered and improved. Each game is mapped to a set of skills and all the games put together map 20 different dimensions of an individual. Each dimension is allotted a badge based on the performance of the individual in their respective age group.

Along with that, Subrat adds, “Parents need to provide adequate stimulation for the child to nurture creativity, thinking and reasoning, problem solving ability, perceptual acuity, perceptual learning, intelligence, and memory during the initial years of cognitive development in the child.”

Subrat makes the idea clear saying, “SochGenie is not about academics or knowledge but it is about what helps us process and retain knowledge and skills. It address the fundamentals of learning.” SochGenie has 2000 unique users as per November, 2016, according to Subrat Patra. They aim to provide a single platform for all learning, which forms the foundation of skill development in the future.

Parents always want a strong foundation for their children that will help them emerge out as successful adults later. And, this is what SochGenie has handled very systematically and simply. Check out their app in Google Play Store and Apple Store to know more about it. You can also drop a mail here for further doubts or queries.

Rashika Daga

Engineer by mind, writer out of passion. An avid reader, keen observer and extremely enthusiastic in exploring new things. In a long term relationship with love and enjoyment.