It is pretty incredible to see how often bosses complain about the best people leaving their jobs. And they really mean it because some things are as costly as losing a good employee. Managers tend to blame each single thing that is under the sun while ignoring the root cause – the employees don’t leave jobs, they leave bosses.

Bosses are our bosses because we deserve them, it is on account of their efforts that the company is breathing and it is simply he, who has demonstrated the ability to remain graceful, even under pressure and has inspired colleagues and executed the necessary plans to carry out the business. But are bosses always right?

To break the myth, there are times when the leaders themselves aren’t sure which way to go, which plan to execute, how to handle workforce, and these are the things which ultimately leads to talent loss.

Here’s how the one in the leadership position can identify their blind spots and improvise themselves:

The Company isn’t solely about goals

Quite often the bosses or the top line managers focus their energy towards their aim which is just achieving the target by hook or by crook, without having much time to set up a vision for their company. The two cannot go without each other. Goals without having necessary strategies may lead to untapped potential. Not even the most talented worker would like to work for a company where everything is centered on increasing the sales volume.

Not trusting the employees

Employees are the most important resource for an organisation. It is because of their efforts that the company execute its plans and achieve its targets. Too often the bosses are seen either micromanaging their employees or pressurising them under too much work. Trust me, nothing burns a good employee as much as overworking them. Either way, trust is questioned. It is the foremost duty of the boss to lead his force in a way that satisfies them first, then only the best could be extracted out of them. One should not overlook the ability of a simple pat on the back. As a leader, you should select the best people for your company, give them the required autonomy so that they not only contribute to overall success but succeed individually too.

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Misunderstanding motivation

As a leader, one should carefully analyse what actually motivates his/her team. Chances are, it’s not always money. Assuming beforehand, all that which an employee, is just the monetary reward. There are employees out there who want praise, who wants to get their commitment honoured, wants a greater degree of responsibility, many may want work-life balance which is attained only by flexible working hours. Bucks won’t help here.

Not walking the walk

The word ‘Leader’ is synonymous with a role model, an inspiring personality who motivates the employees to follow his suit. Your attitude, your behaviour, your nature is all under a close watch. It is your example that the employees blueprint. If you’re taking phone calls or bragging about CEO during work hours, can you expect your employees not to do the same? Probably not. You are an example for your force. Stay with your employees during overtime hours. All these little things do count and help you create harmony within the organization.

Everyone makes mistakes, yes everyone! And there are some mistakes that managers and employees make in particular. And this is true that mistakes are a learning opportunity. By taking time and realising the key areas where the managers are wrong at, and working on them can surely make him an idol for his team, as employees and managers are a family.

This is a guest post by Sumera Khan, who works as a content writer at LegalRaasta, a site for company registration and trademark registration in India.

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