Be it a trade of electronic products, or a sale of apparel and clothing – No matter how good a businessman you are – facing a dissatisfied, or angry customer is inevitable, at some point of business life. There may come times, when the customers may mistreat you verbally, which might hurt your self-esteem. Situations like these need to be dealt with a cool and patient mind, and with some appropriate steps, taken in the right time, it is possible to resolve the situation. Also, by winning over the angry customers, there is a strong chance that you will strengthen the faith that your customers have on you.

1. Keep your head calm, and behave politely       

It might so happen that the customer might insult you verbally, because when people are angry, they often say things, which pops into their head, without even thinking about them. But replying with an angry tone will not only make situations worse, but it might also have an adverse effect on your reputation. Therefore, maintaining a polite behaviour, and keeping a cool head is a valuable step to gradually ease out the anger from your customer.

2. Show your concern to your customers, and listen to their complaints

Inside every customer fuming with anger, there lies a hidden wish of you listening to their complaints, and assuring them about giving serious attention to their problems. Listen to their frustrations, and their dissatisfaction, and let them get it all out. Arguing back, or interrupting them will not be helpful, as no customer would like to be interrupted, when they are easing their anger out, as it obstructs their flow of anger, and will make things even worse. Apologizing to them, for the trouble they had to experience, is also a step to describe that you are truly sorry for what happened with them. Thus, a curious statement, like “Alright sir, let’s take a look at what happened” will make your customer gradually cool down, and things will start getting back to normal (The time to get back to normal varies from person to person, though!!).

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3. Discuss the problems, and their solutions

It is the most crucial step to win over the angry customers, and re-establish their faith on you.

By this time, after your polite behaviour, your concerns regarding the dissatisfaction of the customers, and listening to their complaints will lower the anger of your customers to some extent. Now, it’s time to get them talking about the problems, and discussing the solutions with them. If you let him/her take all the decisions about the solutions, he/she will think that you are not willing to help, and not paying enough attention to the problem. On the other hand, if you take all the decisions by yourself, he/she might think that you are not paying any attention to the views or opinions of your customer. So, the best way to figure out the problem, is by discussing it with your customers. It will be a huge advantage to you, as he/she will think that you are providing sufficient attention to his/her opinion, and will help in restoring back their trust upon you.

Take your time, make your customer remember all the reasons for his dissatisfaction and frustration (remembering requires concentration. Concentration is not possible without a cool mind. A cool mind will further help in reducing the anger to a larger extent). Write them down, if necessary. Analyzing these problems, how these problems appeared, what went wrong, how to solve it, how to prevent instances like this in future are the topics you need to discuss with your customer. The main objective should be to make him/her realize that you greatly value his/her opinion, and that you are eager to make up the mistakes, as soon as possible. However, make sure to not to lose too much on your side, just to impress your customer, because in business, ensuring profit is as important as maintaining good relations with the customers.

4. Inform the customer, when the problems are solved

In the end, a humble notification to the customer, that the actions have been effective, adds the cherry on the cake. A postcard with flowers, or a phone call to the customer, inviting him to your office, is the best step to gain the acknowledgement of the customer, and will be pleased by your sense of duty and hospitality, thus, enhancing your reputation. Who knows, perhaps helping you to earn a few new customers as well!

In the end, I would like to say that the growth of a business depends on the tactical skills of the businessman, how he/she can make maximum use of the resources available to him/her, and how to make an opportunity out of almost everything. Maintaining a cordial relation with the customers will not only help you to heighten your reputation, but also to enhance your business, because it is the reputation, which will make you a preference to the customers, and will make you quite a distinction among other businessmen offering similar products. Therefore, they key to the flourishing of your business lies in the hands of your wits, and how you treat your customers.