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The nation was left shocked when Arnab Goswami announced his resignation from the Times Group as reported by The Hindu. The (former) Editor in Chief and President (News) of Times Now and ET Now declared this disturbing news at an Editorial Conference.

Goswami, who comes from a family of lawyers and judges, is a graduate in Sociology from Hindu college and holds his Master degree in Social Anthropology. This ruthless journalist who hails from Guwahati, Assam is known for his talking-head daily debate The Newshour.

And what nation wants to know now? They want to know ‘what next?’

The recent resignation hints to a new ‘independent’ media venture by Goswami as The News Minute reported. And as required in any sensible argument, here are some substantial facts that prove that this Journalist is the perfect material to become a successful entrepreneur.

1. He possesses the required leadership qualities

Arnab Goswami is known to be loathed more than he is loved, but one thing that neither his supporters nor his critics can deny is the fact that he listens.

This right here shows that this man, whether biased or not, has a unique ability to make everyone listen to him. Furthermore, he speaks in a way that has made him the face of India’s English news channel.

Another proof is the Ramnath Goenka Award for the Journalist of the year that Goswami was facilitated in the year 2010. You may dislike this man, even tag him as unreliable, but you just cannot ignore him.

2. He is an epitome of hard work.

Mostly, Arnab Goswami is associated with the ‘middle-class voice’. The art of hitting right there on the point, getting on that very point, touching that right nerve comes from experience and hard work.

Goswami started his career in Media and News as a journalist with The Telegraph which was followed by his entry in NDTV 24*7 in 1995. It was in 2006 that he became the Editor In Chief for Times Now. He has been in this field for more than two decades and still says, ‘the game has just begun’.

He is majorly known for his stint, ‘The Newshour’, which has become, with time, a major attraction of Times Now. It was his hard work and determination that made his show reach these great heights.

His effort and determination can be seen in the 65 hours hosting of 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks or interviewing (live) over 200 politicians and analysts during Trust vote in 2008 within the span of 26 hours.

3. He is confident, creative, and determined

Being a journalist, and as intense and fierce as Arnab Goswami, you just cannot deny the confidence and determination this man owns. His frank behaviour, the knack for asking direct straight forward questions is definitely a rare sight.

Be it his went-too-far attitude or strong-opinionated views, none can deny the charisma he holds. He was even awarded the 46th place in the High and Mighty List 2012 by IndiaToday.

As for creativity, it can be clearly seen in the constant high TRPs of his prime-slot show The Newshour.

Arnab Goswami, single-handedly, with his show, has certainly brought Times Now to a new height in the India’s News Media.

4. He not only speaks, but he listens too.

As difficult it is to digest, but Goswami is not only a good speaker, and a great debater but also a decent listener.

“You won’t believe…they (my friends) will tell you that I am a very good listener..(Laughs)…which you may not agree…but when I sit with my friends, I talk less and I listen more,” says Arnab Goswami himself.

His disciplined, competitive and self-starter nature is mutually enough to drive him towards the success that every entrepreneur badly wants to achieve.

5. Most importantly, he is doing what he loves

In his own words, “And the last 7-8 years my hobby, school hobby of debating, has become my career. And I have never enjoyed myself more on a daily basis.” He also agreed that news was his life and that he had no other interest.

Arnab Goswami is a perfect example of the fact that you need to do what you love in order to be successful. To be a successful entrepreneur, you need to make your job your life; you need to get attached, almost intimate with your work. And the successful journalist, Goswami, is obviously a pro at that.

Goswami, is naturally an entrepreneur material, and every argument against it fails with the loud way he marched The News hour, and majorly Times Now to the top of India’s News and Media channels. Since 2007, for 8 consecutive years, Times Now has been in the No.1 Slot.

I don’t know about journalists, but every wanna-be entrepreneur can learn loads from Mr Loud Goswami.

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