Life skills – Two words, encasing a diverse variety of benefits and advantages, which can profoundly improve the capacity of tackling challenging situations, and thus, help in removing the troubles from the path of success. One can never tell which type of skill will come in handy, in which phase of their work life! Also, training your mind for challenging situations, creating a mental framework to deal with them will help you tackle a variety of obstacles in future, be it at home, or at your workplace. I have listed below ten important skills that are applicable in every field of work, and will definitely prove to be useful.

1. Modification, corresponding to the changing world

In order to keep up our pace with this dynamic world, adaptability to variations and changes is undoubtedly one of the most vital skill required. Mastering this skill requires patience, and controlling yourself to cope up with this change. But once you possess this talent, not only will this skill help you to cope up with the new circumstances, it will also increase your level of self confidence, and provide you mental strength, to deal with various unknown situations in future.

2. Analytical thinking

In order to become a perfectionist, there is a strong need to criticize yourself as well. Scrutinizing your work, searching for faults fall under this particular skill. And one golden rule: NEVER GET SATISFIED BY YOUR WORK!!!! Always try to make it better than your previous work. Hence, this is one of the most important skills which is essential in all professions, and all stages of life – be it in school, or in office. Analytical thinking requires criticizing yourself – A task not easy at all. But rest assured, you will be turned into a huge asset for your company or employer, if you can manage to acquire this skill.

3. Effective time management

“An inch of gold cannot buy an inch of time”. We have heard this quote quite often. Organizing your schedule and fixing specific time spans for specific tasks, is the skill set that makes the ultimate difference between you and your competitors. This is because finishing a task in specified time, and moving to the next one, in the given time span, determines the winner. Ironically, it takes a lot of time to master the skill of managing time!! Acquiring this skill will automatically make you disciplined, as time management isn’t possible without strict discipline. Whoever possesses this skill, shall be able to perform a large number of tasks, in a short amount of time, thanks to his/her discipline and organized schedule.

4. Maintaining your excellence

Achieving success is one thing, maintaining success is something else altogether. A fear keeps grasping you that “What if I deteriorate from my level??? Will I be able to face the criticism?” Nervous breakdowns, lack of confidence are some of the after effects, if you fail to maintain your consistent performance. It is often seen that people reduce their efforts, once they reach the top. This reduction of effort often becomes the principle cause for their downfall. In order to maintain that position, one has to work even harder than before. Once you obtain this skill, the consistency in your performance is bound to make you some role model to look up to.

5. Have faith in yourself

Nobody can teach you how you should cultivate yourself. Nobody can teach you how to extend beyond your limits. It is something, which can be done only by yourself, and to do that, you must keep faith in yourself. Look into the mirror and say “Yes I can do it. I can do anything and everything. I know I am capable to do even more troublesome tasks than this!” Not only one of the most important skills, but having faith in yourself is a quality, which will help you boost your confidence level, so that no matter how much troublesome the situation becomes, fear and panic will never be able to get hold of you!

6. Understand the feelings of others

In workplace, when it comes to mutual partnership, team work, or group projects, no matter how much skilled you are, if you can’t collaborate with your co-workers, there’s bound to be clashes between you and them, and you will be nothing more than an arrogant antisocial. And one day or the other, team work is bound to happen. So, to prevent such mishaps, you need to feel what others feel, a concern to what your co-workers are going through. It’s not a skill, rather a feeling. Compassion for others will make them much more motivated, and you’ll earn the respect of your colleagues.

7. Maintaining a good health

You can make thousands of plans for your goals, you may be full of innovative ideas, but those ideas will remain mere dreams, unless you pay some attention to your health, and take care of it. Unlike what people say, the skill of maintaining a good health isn’t a piece of cake. Regular exercise, a healthy diet, jogging, etc are some essentials for a healthy body. Good health will increase your energy, stamina and vitality, thereby making you able to work for a longer span of time and lots more. Along with a healthy body, comes the gift of a healthy mind. Therefore, this skill of ensuring a healthy body has a lot of perks, both in workplace, and in social life, hence becoming one of the most important skills you should cultivate.

8. Do not bite off more than you can chew

“Know yourself”. Perhaps it is the most difficult task ever! But in order to succeed, one must make a note to him/her to not to make the common mistakes. One of the most frequent mistake that we see is “bite off more than you can chew”. It’s good to push yourself, but forcing yourself to do something, that is too big, or too difficult, is something you need to be cautious about.

In order to perform multiple tasks at the same time, the overall concentration and your energy gets divided, thus it becomes difficult to provide the appropriate amount of attention to each of them, as you would have given to a single task. So, none of the works done by you will be up to the mark, which will make you depressed in turn, and gradually your self confidence will be shattered. So know your own capacity, and don’t try to do more than what you are capable of doing, otherwise drastic outcomes are bound to occur. This skill will save you from numerous embarrassing situations and depressions.

9. Refusal to unnecessary tasks

No matter what profession you are in, every work performed by you is either for the welfare of your family or for the benefit of your company or for your own improvement. So whenever you are given a task, which doesn’t fall in any of the above criteria, simply say a NO to it. Don’t hesitate to say NO to works, which are good for nothing! It’s a skill, which will help you save your time and energy. Choose wisely. Choose a task which is profitable, as well as favorable.

10. Keeping your mouth shut, when necessary

Although it feels good to let people know what you really think about them, your opinions about them, but at times, by doing so, we wound them unintentionally, and they, in turn, will flare up at you. This might lead to such a heated argument, that they might decide to severe their ties with you. You may repent for the words that just slipped out of your mouth but by that time, it’ll be too late. Better to stop mishaps like this right at the beginning, by learning to keep your mouth shut, when necessary, in order to avert dreadful losses. Although it’s not easy to bite your own tongue, but this skill shall save you from many conflicts, arguments that might affect your work life, or social life.

So, in a nutshell, although it’s not possible to precisely forecast the variety of problems which may arise in future, there’s no harm to get some measures ready, and who knows? One day in future, you may feel grateful that you learned the skill to deal with this sort of problem in the past. A seed sown today doesn’t reap fruits on the next day, but one day in future, it surely will.