Makerspace, a new budding innovative term refers to a place where innovative minds socialize and work together to shape their ideas into reality. Although, a relatively new concept in India, but it’s working phenomenally well in many regions of the country. It provides a group of individuals basic requirements which they can’t afford individually to implement their ideas. If you have an idea related to science, technology, and design then makerspaces are undoubtedly the best places for you.

It helps and trains you to work together as a team and make your dream come true. Also, there is no age restriction and anyone can apply for it. Makerspaces are usually well equipped with 3-D printers and many large machines which can help to picturize your fundamental idea. Here, listed below are some of the best makerspaces to make things happen for innovative minds across the country.

1. Maker’s Asylum

Maker’s Asylum is a makerspace where people with creative minds can work together with the people who share the same passion. Maker’s Asylum was founded by two techies Vaibhav Chhabra and Anool Mahidahria, interestingly in a garage in Bandra. It then grew to two locations namely Delhi and Mumbai. With proper assistance, hardware entrepreneurs can easily use the technology and tools present at Maker’s Asylum to manifest their ideas. Their labs are open 24×7, to cater the needs of professionals who can only spend time on their dream projects at night. They also provide training classes for operating tools and exploring the utility of making stuff.

Memberships: Starts at INR 3500 per month for adults and INR 1700 for students.

Utilities: Wifi, Studios, Meeting Space, Community workshops, Free tool training sessions for members every week, Networking and Memberships.

Tools: 3-D printers, laser cutters, CNC machines, electronics lab and prototyping tools for woodworking and networking and open source aided design along with bicycle repairing and repairing and rapid prototyping.

Contact: Mumbai- 9004686828 | Delhi- 8800093203

2. Workbench Projects

Workbench projects is a Bengaluru based makerspace popularly known as FabLab. It aims in providing all basic tools an innovator needs to manifest his/her ideas into reliable reality. It is a fantastic platform to play with ideas, innovate and show your idea the light of the day. Workbench Projects is one of those makerspaces which covers a massive area of 5000 sq ft. This facility was launched by Anupama Gowde and Pawan Kumar when they realized that India is filled with creative engineers who have an appetite for innovation but are unable to build something new due to lack of funds and resources.

Memberships: Starts at INR 3000 per month.


Utilities: Wifi, studios, hall of hobbies, coding space, robotics, shop floor, work areas (both indoor and outdoor), co-working space, meeting space, backyard cafe, locker facility, residency and international opportunities.

Tools: 3-D printer, CNC machines, power tools, hand-tools, sewing machines, welding kit and everything one needs to shape his vision into a reality.

Contact: || Phone: 9663090123, 9986437433.

3. JMoon Makerspace

Founded by Jasmeet Singh in 2014, JMoon Makerspace is one of the first makerspaces in Delhi. It mainly focuses on providing all the basic tools an innovator can use in order to create something truly inspiring and innovative. Being a JMoon member one can improve his/her skills on the tools and use them to create the best carnations possible. They have an 1800 sq ft area where freelance techies can work together and develop a symbiotic relationship. Also, it’s the first makerspace in India dedicated specially to Robotics, Embedded Systems, Home Automation, Internet of things, Wearable electronics and Cosplay tools.

Memberships: Starts at INR 3000 a month.


Utilities: Wifi and basic needs.

Tools: Hacksaw, 3-D printer, laser engraver, TSOP infrared set, heat gun, etc.

Contact: || Phone: +919650061716

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4. Curiosity Gym

Curiosity gym is a makerspace in Mumbai which helps and supports students, parents and professionals in achieving their innovative product through their efforts and willpower. You can learn anything here from prototyping, cool coding, running workshops and also 3-D printing. It also provides internships to local and international students. Curiosity Gym is the makerspace which has broken all age boundaries. Whether you’re a student who needs help with some project or an entrepreneur looking for mentoring or a senior citizen who wants to learn something new and interesting, all are welcome equally at Curiosity Gym.

Memberships: Starts at INR 500 a month.


Utilities: Can take an idea from the mentor and work on it, supports excessive prototyping.

Tools: 3D printers, power tools, power kit and other prototyping equipment.

Contact: || Phone: 022-22617244

5. Fablab Kerala

A FabLab is a technical platform for invention and innovation. It’s main motive is to provide stimulus to local entrepreneurship. Fablab Kerala is a makerspace located in two locations of Kerala namely Kochi and Trivandrum. It was started by Neil Gershenfeld with the support of Government of Kerala to provide digital needs to the people living mainly in the local areas. FabLab Kerala empowers its members to invent creative and smart devices. It is a collaboration between MIT and KSUM (Kerala Startup Mission). It has another branch which is located within the campus of IITM-K. The facilities provided here assists a maker to make the most out of his innovations.

Memberships: INR 3000 for individuals, INR 5000 for institute student and INR 10,000 for corporate.


Utilities: Wifi, Basic needs.

Tools: 3-D printers, CNC machines, vinyl cutters, laser cutters, hand-tools, power-tools and much more.


6. CEPT Fablab

CEPT Fablab is another makerspace from MIT. It is located in Ahmedabad and is in association with CEPT University and Motwani Jadeja Family Foundation. They work on innovative projects and ideas to bring the best out of all the possible results. The membership here is free so anyone who wants to open his/her door to innovations is free to join this community. They also have innovative projects, workshops and innovative ideas on sustainable living.

Membership: Free


Utilities: Wifi, stationary stores, cafe and Fablab Training.

Tools: 3-D printing, CNC mining, Circuit production, Laser cutting, Vinyl Plotter.

Contact: || Phone: +919825014578

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7. Maker’s Loft

Maker’s loft is one of the first makerspaces in Kolkata. It’s first of its kind in the field of makerspaces as it assists children to get hands-on experience in technology. Here, children get exposed to practical knowledge through experimenting, making and breaking. Instead of following the traditional methods of learning from books and notes, they learn concepts directly through practical knowledge, application and experience. Maker’s Loft aims at helping its members to specialize in science and technology and create the best out of their thoughts. It’s not just limited to children. They invite professionals, designers, students and hobbyists to prototype too.

Membership: INR 3000 per month


Utilities: Workspace, Event space for rent, Storage, Networking and Collaboration opportunities, Wifi and much more.

Tools: 3-D printer, Laser cutters, Google Cardboard,Block printing , Knitting Machine, Styro Cutter, Printer and Scanner etc

Contact: || Phone: 983641855

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8. Think Happy Everyday Workshop [THE]

Think Happy Everyday maker space enables designers and professionals to prototype and finish their personal projects, conduct research and also run workshops. It is located in the city of opportunities, Bangalore which makes it more benefiting in the long run. It acts as a catalyst for students, professionals and academics by empowering them with a state-of-the-art space to make, break, mould and mill. Alternatively, it also acts as a fun space equipped with the right tools and machines to help you conceptualize your idea into reality.

Membership: Starts at INR 220/hour.


Utilities: Wifi and basic requirements.

Tools: 3-D printers, CNC machines, Workbench, Powertools, and handtools.

Contact: || Phone: 9673686059 | 9930749611

9. Collab House

Collab House is one of the best collaborative makerspaces established in two locations namely Bangalore and Hyderabad. They believe that the future demands a connected world that can combine tools, technology and skills to design, prototype and build innovative things. It aims in educating and supporting young minds to make them realize their potential and work on it. Collab House also runs workshops and seminars. It promotes scientific and technical supports.

Memberships: Start at INR 3500.


Utilities: Wifi, Cafe , working space, seminars and other basic necessities.

Tools: 3-D printers, CNC machines, handtools and power tools.

Contact: || Phone: 8951192943| 9985258603

10. Vigyan Ashram

It is the first makerspace, located in Pune. It is also the first FabLab outside MIT and is established by NSF-USA and IITK in 2002. The basic idea behind this makerspace is to provide Indian students with the attributes they need to vision their innovative illusions to reality. It is one of the most famous makerspaces in India. They have two labs – the DIY Lab in Pabal which focuses more on the urban crowd and the VA FabLab in Kothrud which is more concerned with the rural crowd.

Memberships: INR 500 per year.


Utilities: Workshops in using tools like 3-D printers and CNC machines, Internet and Working Space.

Tools: Laser cutting machine, 3-D printers, Vinyl Cutting machine etc

Contact: || Phone: +91 9579734720

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