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The main job of a CEO is to make decisions and a good CEO is the one who makes the RIGHT decisions. But it is not that easy considering the fact that a CEO is always under tremendous pressure. One wrong decision and the company can witness major loss. We have been observing top CEOs and the growth trajectory of their companies since long. This definitely gives us reasons to think how they make correct decisions and under what circumstances. Well, fortunately, it’s not that complicated.

Avoiding the pressure of four walls of the office cabin is a must when it comes to taking right decisions and is now a well established fact. Many of the top CEOs head outdoors and go for a walk whenever it comes to taking critical decisions. LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner prefers walking meetings, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg allegedly takes new hires on walks and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is also a fan of walking, CNN Money reports.

Reap the benefits of nature

As already mentioned, the mantra for taking the right decision is taking a walk with a free mind. While getting out of the office walls and heading to the office corridors is good, it is even better to experience the power of nature in these situations. Spending time in nature has proven to boost brain function, reduce stress and improve your mood. The Japanese even have a term for strolling through nature that translates to “forest bathing.”

“Scientists are beginning to find evidence that being in nature has a profound impact on our brains and our behavior, helping us to reduce anxiety, brooding, and stress, and increase our attention capacity, creativity, and our ability to connect with other people,” Jill Suttie wrote in an article for the Greater Good Science Center.

Avoid distractions

When you are the leader of a firm, unfortunately, your office can become your biggest distraction and it can be in many forms. From overflowing email inbox to your subordinates stopping you every moment to discuss something, it can become difficult for you to find some peaceful time for yourself. Everyone in the office wants your time and you can do nothing about it if you are inside your office premises. The best thing to do is heading out to take a walk. This becomes even better when you avoid your cell phone, leave it in your cabin and start walking with only the problem in mind. You are sure to come up with the most appropriate decision.

Avoid eye contact

Eye contact can be really intimidating especially with someone who wants results. And if discussing with that person can lead to conflicts, then avoiding eye contact becomes even more important. Top CEOs recommend to be at your own and take the decisions without any influence. According to Jeff Weiner, it is less intimidating to walk along side someone than having a one-to-one discussion with someone in a closed conference room. Weiner describes these conversations as more “direct and candid”.

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