Difference of just one word between successful people and very successful people, but this four letter word changes the entire meaning of success in life. I don’t intend to highlight the loopholes and differences but to make people aware of what is actually happening and what should really happen. Some changes here and there and it is not difficult to climb the ladder thereafter.

Successful people are of the type, “If I can do it, I should fit in”

Difference: People who are very successful are extremely selective and choosy. They do not believe in doing anything and everything that comes their way. Warren Buffet has very aptly said, “The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say no to almost everything.” And it is not like they do it in a haphazard and unplanned way. It is a deliberate and purposeful move by them to avoid non-essentials. To recognize the right opportunity and use it defines success and failure. Very few abide by this principle in life. Very successful people definitely say a “No” to time wasters, but they reject the terrific opportunities as well. This courage and ability is one of the reasons why this categorization is significant.

Successful people compromise their sleep at night

Difference: In contrast, people who are very successful will make sure that they have proper sleep at night. They will rest, exercise and meditate to be proactive when they work the next day.

Richard Branson has said, “Never do anything that means you cannot sleep at night.” Indeed true. There are people who work overnight for long constantly without taking a break to achieve “success” but it is high time that everyone understands the basic requirement of a human and there is no way to compromise with it to achieve something in life. Sleep is directly responsible for a person’s stamina.

Successful people keep track of the moves of their competitors

Difference: People who are very successful focus on themselves and work on things that they can make better and eventually the best. They never worry about what others are doing.

If people think of what others are doing, the word originality will not exist in life. If people tend to formulate strategies based on what the competitors are doing, the entire thought process will cease and it will merely become making business by defeating opponents.

Successful people are amazing speakers

Difference: Very successful people are keen observers and powerful listeners.

Most of the successful people I have known are the ones who do more listening than talking. While the people who are successful are busy formulating their responses, persuading people and they are more interested in sharing their thoughts and opinions rather than listening. On the other hand, very successful people are busy gathering knowledge. They listen to what others have to say and take further decisions accordingly.

Successful people do not watch plays because they think it is a waste of time

Difference: Very successful people watch plays to implement the creativity in their life and this quality again differentiates them. They are the ones who can draw inspiration and ideas from every small little things in life and they believe that it is wrong to treat anything worthless or a waste of time. Very successful people believe in experiencing every facet of life rather than sticking to work-related stuffs only.

Successful people believe in pleasing everyone

Difference: Jim Treacy former COO of Monster Worldwide said, “I speak my mind, sugar-coat nothing and let the chips fall where they may.” Very successful people know this lesson in life that it is impossible to convince and please everyone and it is one’s mistake to keep trying it. One must understand the subtle difference in thoughts, behavior and perspective of looking at things that vary from one person to another.

Successful people are swayed by short-term contentment easily.

Difference: “You must have long range goals to keep you from being frustrated by short range failures.”- Charles C Noble. Short-term contentment and satisfaction is a trap. This is the thing with success. You have to keep succeeding every time to be successful. And people who are very successful follow this mantra. Short-term satisfaction is just a mere motivation to them and they are more focused on the ultimate results in the future.

Successful people will do things that benefit them and aid them to prosper and grow

Difference: Danny Thomas said, “Success has nothing to do with what you gain or accomplish for yourself. It’s what you do for others.” And, very rightly, very successful people strive to help others. They will think of all the possible ways to improve the society and their nation to make it a better place to live in. In fact, the world’s leading entrepreneurs like Charles Johnson, Paul Allen, Sergey Brin, Mark Cuban are indeed famous for their philanthropic activities.

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