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The ratio of men is to women in a startup team is not concealed from anyone. It is even worse in case of a tech startup. Everyone agrees to the fact that the number of women in a team should increase and the startups should try to maintain a healthy ratio. Just for the sake of equality? No, not really! There are numerous concrete and valid reasons as to why you should have female co-founders in your team.

Surely, it is impossible to pen down anyone’s qualities and roles in a write up, yet we will cover the maximum possible. Very prominent and unique characteristics of women such as empathy and intuition greatly contribute towards the success of an organization. Women are considered to be more emotionally strong, helpful, and passionate and many such traits that help in achieving a comprehensive workforce.

Much more detail oriented and comprehensive

A controversial book by Louann Brizendine claims that women speak thrice the number of words spoken my men. It simply means that they more descriptive, expressive and comprehensive. They will look in and out of every matter before making a decision on it.

Well, if you have female co-founders in your team, you got to be careful in keeping all the details related to work and be transparent in doing so. Female co-founders will always ask for minute details about what is happening and they will update the team about it without fail. She tries to keep a track of everything that’s going in the company, even when she is not directly related to it.

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Help to solve the internal conflict between two or male co-founders

This is the major case when the female co-founders will help to solve the internal issues between the male co-founders. Due to ego, attitude, not being able to carry out responsibilities or any such reason, she will be the silent player here. They may manipulate stuffs to prove the other person right and ultimately make them up.

Even when there is a difference in opinions, female co-founders act as mediators and help to achieve a balanced solution. Also, female co-founders are more likely to talk about the existing problems among the team members, which they themselves might never confess or tell openly.

More empathetic and sensitive to the society

Female co-founders will tend to empathize more and more. They will actually think more about the society and the impact of the product in a deeper way. For example, if the service or the product that the startup is selling has women as the end consumer, no one can understand the situation and reaction in a better way. She will come up with ideas to connect more and more to the society and there is where your startup starts achieving success.

They are excellent in conducting sessions for taking feedback from the public, collecting ideas from them, prioritizing tasks and designing wireframes, and ultimately cooperating with the team to implement it.

Deep insight into the matter

Of course, this is the best thing. They will handle things patiently with a balanced state of mind always. Female co-founders will not hurry into things and will always take a deep insight into the matter. Women have this tendency of overthinking. But, here it is a plus point because the more one thinks in case of a startup, the further you are from committing mistakes.

A female co-founder will elaborate on every small detail, making sure nothing falls through the cracks. Most of the founders have lofty ideas, sometimes unrealistic too. Having someone who can help the company who pays attention to what’s happening and going to the roots of the context is the greatest asset.

A bit more strict when it comes to work

Female co-founders will try to be strict with the other team members and interns in the company. When it comes to punctuality and discipline and working within the given deadlines, they are extremely particular and strict.

So, next time you are looking for a potential team, there are enough reasons as to why you should approach a women for it!

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Disclaimer: We do not believe in gender discrimination, nor does the article intends any such thing.

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