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Nine out of ten startups fail. While some fail due to lack of funds, others fail due to poor customer service. Reasons are different, but ultimately they fail. Hence, being an entrepreneur is not so difficult a task, being a successful one is. If you have ideas and want to execute it, do not forget that life is also one and you have to live it! Here are 75 startup lessons for entrepreneurs.

These startup lessons will give you an “idea” as to how to balance your life. Balancing life is an art! When it comes to drawing inferences from various successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs, 75 startup lessons will never be sufficient to say it all. Yet, we have chosen the essential ones you must not forget. You might have heard it before or might not. Go through the comprehensive list quickly.

  1. Every morning wake up and see yourself in the mirror. Pat your back *yourself* for reaching this level.
  2. Approximately 7.4 billion people in this world, you are definitely not the only person struggling.
  3. “Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst.”
  4. Take out time for yourself and your peers. If work is your life, they are the jewels of life. Do not miss on enjoyment with your family.
  5. It’s okay a bake a pie. Do not forget to add that cherry on the pie. Innovation matters. Give an added shine to your plan.
  6. Share and socialize to build your network. Build less but strong connections.
  7. Be flexible. A computer graduate takes care of the marketing operations. Happens!
  8. Do not just sail your ship, work to set the sales high.
  9. It’s okay to sacrifice *somewhere sometime*, but never compromise with the quality of your company.
  10. “Too many cooks spoil the broth.” Have a team with less than 3 co-founders.
  11. Compassion should be your priority before money.
  12. Raise money that is necessary and sufficient. Excess and extras are always troublesome.
  13. Invest time looking for the best and eccentric ones while hiring. Look at every plan as an experiment. They are ideal. You have to achieve practicality.
  14. Be open to criticisms. They will make you and your plan flawless.
  15. Your customers will not know how much you know, until you show them how much you care.
  16. Find people who trust you.
  17. Only thing to accelerate the pace towards success is enthusiasm.
  18. Do not neglect your health. Meditate or exercise regularly. You cannot afford to fall ill.
  19. Self-help is the best help.
  20. Be quiet and patient. Let success speak for itself.
  21. Remember you will have to walk the lonely path if you are an entrpereneur. Be prepared.
  22. Rely on work, not on luck.
  23. Watching motivational videos is only effective if you apply it to your goals.
  24. Find out people’s demands and needs.
  25. Build creativity, and increase acceptability.
  26. Your plan must be strong to attract investors.
  27. Along with finding people for your startup, find a life partner too. (P.S:Only for Bachelors :P)
  28. Interact with today’s youth.
  29. You do not succeed alone. Be grateful to those who motivated and supported you.
  30. Travel around the world at least thrice a year.
  31. Treat weekend like a weekend. Take a break and give some space to life.
  32. Pay attention to your competitors at an initial stage.
  33. Observe competitors’ move, but do not follow it.
  34. Your business will evolve. Give it time.
  35. Your goals must convince you completely.
  36. Bloated ideas will not work. Try to add reality into it.
  37. Look for a co-founder who skills are complementary.
  38. Start saying a “no” more frequently than “yes.”
  39. Test until the result is more than just satisfactory.
  40. Two things are mandatory: Time and Capital.
  41. Not to forget: The 1000 Day Rule.
  42. Read less. Concentrate more. Work the most.
  43. Consider yourself worthy of everything you’re doing. No one else can become “YOU.”
  44. Be confident on yourself and on your team.
  45. Plan a small day outing with your team. Connect with them like you do with your family.
  46. Better say a goodbye to short-temperedness.
  47. Don’t be a boss. Instead, be a leader.
  48. Strike off the word “failure” and all its synonyms from your dictionary.
  49. Have a number of ideas? Choose the best one.
  50. Read books about successful entrepreneurs. Jot down all the do’s and don’ts for yourself.
  51. Have a concrete plan for the day. Be scheduled and punctual.
  52. Keep your investors updated.
  53. Maintain a list of KPI’s to track.
  54. Laugh out loud on silly things.
  55. Read the pitch hacks before you pitch any.
  56. You must possess the ability to convince yourself, your team, and the public.
  57. It’s time to face the rough and tough world. You have to come out of your comfort zone.
  58. Be specific about everything. Whatever you do should not be just okay. It should be excellent.
  59. Do not be partial to anyone.
  60. You should be amazing with googling things out.
  61. Do not stop learning.
  62. Do not get addicted to fast growth.
  63. Define and document your company’s terms and conditions and its core process.
  64. Very tired? Sip a coffee and start over again.
  65. There are no shortcuts to anything in this world. You need to strive to acquire both fame or money.
  66. Be a good and patient listener. It will eliminate all the existing mistakes.
  67. Respect advisors and advices from the ones who came before you.
  68. If you can, bootstrap as long as you can.
  69. Take efforts to build a personal brand. It is certainly more important than you realize.
  70. Firstly be confident. When confidence comes, then strive for humility; you aren’t as good as all that.
  71. Pay attention to the minute details. Ignorance is not a bliss here.
  72. Remember that you cannot control everything.
  73. “Don’t bite off more than you chew.”
  74. Take visionary people before you take talented people in team.
  75. Do not be scared to break the unconventional.

Penning down the startup lessons was not a very difficult task. However, following them regularly is. We hope these startup lessons will simplify your sophisticated life. You can thank us later!

Rashika Daga

Engineer by mind, writer out of passion. An avid reader, keen observer and extremely enthusiastic in exploring new things. In a long term relationship with love and enjoyment.